The technological infrastructure of the Smart City continues to develop in Jelgava. Following the latest Internet of Things(IoT) trends, the city of Jelgava has developed a wireless LoRaWAN (Low Power Long Range Wide Area Network), which provides an environment for remote data collection from various smart devices: meters and sensors.
A smart device transmits data over the air to a base station. The station receives signals from all devices within its operating area, digitizes them and transmits them to the server via the Jelgava municipal information network channels. The data collected on the server is used for display, analysis, tracking of resources consumed by using PC, smartphones, and also reporting and city management decision making.
As framework of an Internet of Things development project, a base station and sensor equipment was installed in Jelgava, providing stable coverage of the LoRaWAN network in the city center. Their basic functions will be the remote collection of water, heat, electricity meter readings and daily monitoring of temperature, humidity, air pollution, light parameters in municipal buildings.