OPTOKON Baltic core team: Brief introduction

Igors Zuks

MScEng., Director of the company “OPTOKON Baltic”, strong analytical and organizational skills. He leads the team of an innovative project in the field of developing smart solutions for urban management, providing digital services to the population, improving sustainability of the city’s developments and cities resilience reducing climate change impact.

Aleksejs Pozdejevs

MScEng., has 25 years of experience in planning and designing telecommunication systems and networks. The knowledge and strong analytical skills allow him to take part in innovative Smart City projects developing digital CPS models of the urban areas and apply it to smart solutions for assisting city managing

(energy and resource efficiency)

Vadims Petrovs

MScEng., has 20 years of experience in creating telecommunication systems and networks in the firm “OPTOKON Baltic”. His knowledge and strong industrial platform development abilities will help implementing complex project tasks for innovative Smart City solutions development and prototyping based on advanced industrial technological platforms following vendors as is (NAS,Advantech, Elsys, ARANET)  testing LORA networks, to support city management and digital.


Jaunā Stacijas iela 1, LV-5070, Lielvārde.

Opening time

Mon. – Fri. : 10:00 – 18:00