WELLBASED is a European project funded under the HORIZON 2020 program of the European Commission. The diverse team will design, implement and evaluate a comprehensive urban program to significantly reduce energy poverty and its effects on the citizen’s health and wellbeing, built on evidence-based approaches in six pilot cities that represent not only different urban realities but also a diverse range of welfare and healthcare models. WELLBASED brings together 18 partners from 10 countries. The total budget of the WELLBASED project is more than 5 million euros.

Having won the tender for the provision of software for monitoring, collecting and analyzing data from the project participants, OPTOKON Baltic takes part in the WELLBASED project in one of the 6 pilot cities – Jelgava.

On the Smart City Monitor software provided and supported by OPTOKON Baltic, in addition to the functions of monitoring and collecting data from project participants, work will also be carried out on modeling urban objects and processes, processing and analyzing the information received.